Breezy and early start

8mi. I didn’t plan on seeing too many people at the bridge today, but when I sent txt messages to Walter, Chelsea and Angie, they all said it was on their Tuesday plan. Chelsea and Angie had to run earlier than 5 (???) because of their holiday extended hours at the store and re-merchandising that happens each Tuesday. They suggested I meet them at 4:45am. A quick check with Walter said go. We did the warmup together, ran 6 laps of hills in a good wind from the east, and finished with the 1 mile cooldown. I saw Gary, Randi, Paul, Michelle Kramer and her sister Meredith and Lilia and Adrienne. Lilia is going to run A1A full, she took our word for it over others that told her the course was “uneven surfaces.” 7 years into it, I don’t know what that means?

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