Made for me

8mi. It's every two weeks that I choose to do uphill sprints for the final three miles of my bridge run. Well, the downhills count, also, so it's 1 mile of warmup, 3 miles of regular hill running, and 6 sprints up with recovery jog coming back down. This was the day to do it! … Continue reading Made for me


7mi. I am not feeling cold as I arrive, temp was 55 at home and now 58 at the bridge. Only Paul is there, he chats a bit about an upcoming 10k he's doing this weekend. We also spoke about Erica winning the Race For The Cure. Both Jens show up at the same time, … Continue reading SLEEVES!

Breezy and early start

8mi. I didn't plan on seeing too many people at the bridge today, but when I sent txt messages to Walter, Chelsea and Angie, they all said it was on their Tuesday plan. Chelsea and Angie had to run earlier than 5 (???) because of their holiday extended hours at the store and re-merchandising that … Continue reading Breezy and early start