10 formatted as hills

12 mi  Having taken the weekend off, it was time to get back into more leg busting exercises. A mile warmup, 10 miles back and forth on the blue heron bridge, and a mile cooldown was the deed.  Walter came early at 5 and did the first 6 miles with me, I did the final four myself.  It stays darker longer, so I was on the cooldown parking lot laps by the time the sun was coming up. We ran slow but more than a 9:15 pace was my guess. It’s neat to think that my race in Atlanta will be 4 more of the same workouts, strung together, on larger inclines with no stable footing. The Pine Mountain course is technical, so this weekend will be a good test of shoe changes, Carbo Pro drinks, gels, all that.  I used the calf cooler socks and Mix1 on the way home.

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