Good hills

8 mi. A warmup mile with Walter, then 6 bridge miles and good chatting with Teresa and Walter. Chelsea overslept so no show for her.  I ran my final lap with Adrianna, who also did the cooldown mile with me. I saw Carolyn's new car too!  The hills felt good, especially going down.  Conditions were … Continue reading Good hills

Another 21

21 mi.  This was a much more humid day with less wind than last Saturday.  I ran with Gary and Janine Peart to PGA and back after ticking off one DR bridge lap to Prosperity Farms Rd.  Then I joined with Dave Capperelli for the 10.5 store to Inlet run.  One more trip over the … Continue reading Another 21

D squared once more.

21 mi.  First run in fire colored Aasics Gel Nimbus 13, and good attempt at using the Garmin 305 too.  I started at 4:40 with an over the bridge jaunt. I kept thinking, "I'll be happy when I come back here," meaning I'd almost be done with a long one by then.  I found Gary … Continue reading D squared once more.