Go Irene!

5 mi.  Today’s workout was in question with Hurricane Irene offshore.  There was a 60% chance of rain, but none around when I left the house this morning.  Paul ran the show, Erica, Tom Matese, Gary, Perry, Kyle, Teresa, Walter (back a day early from Oz) Robert and Matt K. were already doing their first warmup lap when I arrived.  We did…


1 mi warmup
1200m w/200m recovery
400m w/200m recovery @70%
400m w/200m recovery  @78-80%
400m w/200m recovery all out. (a rare call from Paul)
now another set…
400m w/200m recovery @the same as 400 #2 above.
400m w/200m recovery  – fast on straights, cruise on curves
400m w/200m recovery all out again!
1200m slightly faster than the first 1200m

I did 3 cool down laps.

I did well, keeping near the leaders on the 400s, but in a gap by myself for the 1200s.  It’s progress, and breathing in the humid 86 degree air will make winter 5ks somewhat of a relief!

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