Ride the storm

18 mi.  I came ready to ride, not expecting that anyone else would really do it with the impending winds and rain, plus kids are back in school this week…  When I got to the track, Lilia said she’d ride and that she had all of her things.  Adrienne said no, Erica no, but Lilia said Lennae and Sharon were coming.  We did track and no rain, but a wind steady from the north.  After the running, I went to San Michele and parked at the tennis courts. Clay courts need daily line striping like a baseball field, plus I saw the groundskeeper watering the courts with sprinklers built into the net poles.  Lilia and I were the only ones to show up, I forgot my jersey and riding shorts, so these miles were going down in Nike track shorts.  We went with the wind south to the turnaround in PGA just shy of Northlake, then in the drop bars north.  One segment of Tournament Drive was scalped for repaving, a bumpy 1/2 mile for both of us.  Sometimes Lilia spoke with me, sometimes we rode single file and she listened to her iPod nano.  I tried to pull in the drop bars for some of the windier sections to add to the legs burn from track feeling.  I am glad I rode and ran, as we put our bikes away it started to rain, and my drive home had significant rain at PGA & Military trail.  Just made it I guess!

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