Surprise ride!

18mi.  Today was to be a school drop off for John and early to work.  Really early, like get there 1.5 hrs before the building is ready for a day’s work.  I spoke with Suzanne the night before and found she does a morning ride or brick most Wednesdays, I think if it’s short enough, I could try that.  So I did it!  I dropped John, drove over with bike in car and dressed to ride, then we left.  We rode Palm Beach to Lake Worth Bridge and back.  Most of the ride was with the wind south and against it north. It was nice and I kept thinking I’d be late to the office, but I had my watch on, kept checking, and time was ok.  I quickly showered and dressed for work while meeting Devon briefly.  Then a quick drive to the office with a good ride behind me I never expected I could do.  Safe, in the light and with company!

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