Back on record

30mi. I rode to the Jupiter Inlet from home, using a later start time (5:00pm) to maybe take advantage of cooler temps. I swear I was caught by most traffic lights on Military Trail heading north... plenty of stop -> clip out of my pedals -> get a drink -> start up again. It was … Continue reading Back on record

The North Forty

40mi. A perfect clear day to ride! We started at 1:15pm, it was in the 80s but not terribly humid. Our mood was high having slept late, I borrowed one of Jessica's water bottles since I forgot to pack one. We rode well heading north, into a wind that slowed us some but we kept … Continue reading The North Forty

That’s the benefit of being off.

50mi.  When do I get to start a ride at 11:40am? It's when our office is closed for Columbus day and nearly everyone else has to go to work. Suzanne and I left from the small parking lot at Loggerhead park, ready for max sun. Riding up to Sandsprit park was good, I spent zero … Continue reading That’s the benefit of being off.