A new park on the route

40 mi.  Not looking to be away from John for too long, I chose a shorter than most ride.  I arrived early to the parking lot but ended up being one of the last riders to leave the park.  I saw Austin’s new Shiv, a surprise purchase while he was up in NC… great bike with all top grade components.  I rode with Austin and Suzanne M. to catch the tail end of the ride group at the Jupiter Island Bridge.  We passed some of the group after Blowing Rocks preserve, then I mixed in with the paceline, eventually falling to the end of it before arriving at Bridge Rd beach park. Austin and Suzanne and I rode further north to the end of Gomez Road and to the end of the straightaway that stars east of the RR tracks.  We stopped at a boat launch park to pee and drink, we looked at Austin’s new bike (this time in the light!) and yapped about components and bike geek stuff.  On the way back, we caught up with Susan French, she rode on and off with us to Jupiter Island then down south to the bridges and back on A1-A.  I felt average riding today, not willing to go as fast as Austin wanted to go – understandably looking to play with new equipment.  He finished strong with a good sprint near the end, I was happy to talk with Sue French and just keep my pace from Marcinski road to the park.  No recovery run or swim this day, I went to Charlotte’s place to help lift furniture and fill the big moving truck.  I’m sad to see her move, I know it’s all a great opportunity for her new life out west, which is a comforting and soothing thought.

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