16 – get in line.

16 mi.  First day running with a new generation Garmin vs the Timex Garmin relic I had stopped using years ago.  I didn’t look at the instructions, just charged it and wore it.  I guess I have to get the settings correct and establish a Garmin Connect account.  I ran early with Adrienne Papa, Steve B., Lisa Reiss and Seth Waller’s girlfriend who is recovering from an injury and looking to do Chicago marathon. The jog was easy to PGA and back, I have to remember to bring a water bottle to leave at PGA on future runs, there’s no water down there.  I wore the visor light and a red flasher, I should start using the reflective wrist and ankle bands too.  It’s very dark and the time is changing again, giving us more dark to run in before sunrise.

Once at the store we had a moment to drink and I snuck a pee break in behind my car. I found Suzanne S. and Tiffany running together, I ran with Suzanne M. and a few different people up to the turquoise roofs. Sun up, we went at a comfortable pace to the inlet, bathroom break, and back to the turquoise roofs water stop.  Scott Richards and Suzanne M were slightly ahead of Suzanne S and I from the inlet to the water stop.  Once together, we agreed palm tree sprints weren’t the perfect idea, we settled on palm tree “pickups” instead.  I encouraged the girls to try short turnover/high cadence running for their intervals, switch things up and prepare their legs for something different.  It got us to the Marcinski traffic light, a quick drink and back to the store. Today we had Endurox at the store, a good replenishment run drink for me in the lime flavor.  After the run I did three laps between the buoys at Loggerhead park, two alone and one with Suzanne M.  I need more swims like this in the ocean, I feel I get better when I don’t have to turn around every 25 yards.

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