Some wind, no tech

50 mi.  What could go wrong on a sunny Sunday morning with the group?  I arrived kinda late, in time to use my refurbished pump and also help Lilia get her bike ready.  I had the new Garmin in Biking mode, all my drinks and treats, I was ready.  I started a bit after the main group left the parking lot but not a worry, I’d rather bite the wind myself and grow! Austin was to meet up with us after swimming at Coral Cove park early with George, so I was with Stealthman groupies and Sunday riders.

At the pier, yeah, 3/4 of a mile into the ride, the Garmin  ran out of batteries.  Oh well.  I kept behind most of the group to get some wind in, but I felt we might be going with the breeze, discouraging because my speed didn’t reflect that advantage at all.  I rode mostly with Suzanne M. and several others to Bridge Rd, behind the main group enough that they were either riding back towards us or heading further towards Gomez Rd. Several others collected at Bridge Rd but didn’t want to commit to how far they’d go.  Suzanne and I decided on 50, even though it was work to get going again in my head.    Right before Sandsprit, I doubled back to grab Suzanne’s water bottle that had fallen out.  Shortly after that, I saw my speedometer zero out – no speed or cadence measurements?  I thought it might be the sensor having moved away from the wheel.  My attempts at delicately pushing it closer with my foot while riding threw the sensor into the spokes and once around the chain stay tube.  We went up to Sandsprit Park, ate the snacks, unsuccessfully tried a Cat Eye speedometer repair and started back. We were against the wind.  We rode through Port Salerno and upon leaving the little downtown area, we picked up a “stray” rider that neither of us knew. I slowed to about 12 mph so he would pass, but not happening.  He followed my pull only to the RR tracks then left.  We went back into the wind at who knows what speed, but It wasn’t over 20-21 the way I was riding!  Back to the Island, the bridges and home to Loggerhead.  I was tired and didn’t feel like going for a post ride run.  Back to the house to eat an egg white omlet!

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