D squared once more.

21 mi.  First run in fire colored Aasics Gel Nimbus 13, and good attempt at using the Garmin 305 too.  I started at 4:40 with an over the bridge jaunt. I kept thinking, “I’ll be happy when I come back here,” meaning I’d almost be done with a long one by then.  I found Gary Walk, Janine Peart and Seth Waller waiting to start their 22 mile run.  I ran to PGA and back with them, no stopping at FPL or the turnaround, plus the duck pond route on the way back. I did confide in them on the French Connection bathroom scene.  We got back to the store in easily enough time, but a short bathroom break wasn’t good enough, the group left early again. When I came out of the store, I looked and saw Suzanne, S., no Austin, no Suzanne M., no Dave Capparelli.  Adrianna waited with me and we found Austin, claiming a 13 miler was in store.  He ran ahead of us as I caught up with Adrianna on her first-ever Vegas trip.  We met up with a waiting Dave Capparelli at Marcinski Rd, good to yap with him about his co-worker doing his first marathon and ultra + Leadville things.  Adrianna left us at the turquoise roofs, Dave and I ran together to the Inlet beach park. We found Suzanne M. right after the turnaround, and after a quick bathroom break she joined us.  We ran well chatting as three since they both came from north of NYC they had some familiarities to discuss. Dillon joined us after the Carlin park “hill”, Austin was in trouble at that water fountain, tired and resting his leg.  Once at the turquoise roofs, I suggested Palm Tree sprints.  Dave said good idea, Suzanne and Dillon ran an accelerated pace and stayed close. I remember seeing a pickup truck driving north on A1A out of a fog of rain… once we got close the sky opened up on us and my new shoes. We ran back to the pier area, where the rain stopped.  Once at the store, I continued over the Donald Ross Bridge for the last 2 miles. When I entered the parking lot by the store, I had 20.9 miles.  I saw Austin and invited him to run around the lot with me. He didn’t know why so he stayed near me… I finished a lap around one lane of parked cars to top 21 miles for the morning.  Very good.

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