For what reason? Cuz it works.

40 mi/3 mi Starting out on wet roads after you drive through a storm isn’t what you’re thinking prior to a ride. I sent a text to Lanae who confirmed that she was still riding. Anita found me via text to report that all of her group had bailed out so she would ride this weekend. It was dark when I pulled into the lot at Loggerhead, only a clean crew was present for the rest rooms. Lanae followed and we setup and took off north for 40 miles. It was breezy and cloudy, I could see rain in the surrounding area. We rode north, tentatively dismounting for all of the very slick and wet bridges, and up a wet Gomez road to the 40 mile turnaround. A quick stop for a Clif Bar in the park and we headed south. We stopped on Bridge Road to take some pictures – they came out satisfactory for action shots via iPhone. We rode into a significant wind coming home, but it was good practice. On any race day, rain and wet roads could be the conditions, I feel comfortable riding in this. Once back at Loggerhead Park we transitioned to the quick run. This time we went south to J-Town Bikes and then around the pond. Miles timed by Lanae’s phone app include results similar to last week – Mile #1 – 7:30, #2 7:09, #3 6:40. This was very good for me considering yesterday’s Classics 10k race. More speed as a load on my legs will pay dividends. It seems odd that I would be doing brick workouts with no triathlons in sight. My outlokk is that making these type of workouts part of the landscape, or normal, I’ll be very prepared for races when tri season begins. I see that being in March for 2013. Probably a sprint or maybe one of the lower priced HIT series races.





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