The double mile day.

5mi. We don’t get a mile for time assigned often, those are every 5-6 weeks apart. We even less get to do two timed miles in the same workout – that was today. We started with innocent 200m intervals, then a mile at what Paul billed as 80%.  I ran with Tom Matese for a quick first 400 and good final 300m.  That mile was 5:54.  Separated by two 400m intervals and a 200m, we started Mile #2 with the instruction of making it like our final mile at Loggerhead, you know, on A1A at Circle K and heading back.  Paul said, “Gun it!”  I ran ok for the first 800, kind of alone, and tried to stay quick in the final two laps.  I finished about 6 seconds behind the nearest guy ahead of me, he claimed 5:46 so I did 5:52 ish.  We finished with two 200m sprints around the track with a 100m recovery in the middle.  This whole workout felt good.  I need more stretching to support my efforts to run faster each week.

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