I’ll do it myself anyway

30 mi.  Chiara set the idea in my head - "Let's ride after work..."  Thinking I'd have a good chance at doing that, I agreed.  As the day progressed, she found she couldn't do the ride at 5:30, then at 6:30, then at all.  I was at this time, ready to go. I drove home, … Continue reading I’ll do it myself anyway

More 75s?

2000 yards.  Seems like my last few swims have been mostly repetitive 75m intervals. I do them, it seems to take awhile to get to the pool, do the workout, and drive back to work in time.   Long arms, good breathing. Warmup Set (300y) 3 x 100 easy-mod @ 2:20 Main Set (1400y) 18 … Continue reading More 75s?