Doing what’s prescribed

Today is a Wednesday, the Hanson's Marathon Method's "off" day for runs. I like how it's placed in the middle of the two challenging speed and tempo workouts, the rest from Tuesday's effort and prep for the Thursday tempo run is appreciated. Last week I began swimming. The goal was to increase my lung use … Continue reading Doing what’s prescribed

Solo until I get there

2000 yards.  The pool was full of swimmers, when I got there, like share a lane at LA Fitness?  For a few laps, yes...  I felt it took a longer than usual time to swim 2000 yards, many reps of 50s today. Warmup Set (400y) 2 x 150 (25 easy, 100 build, 25 hard) @ … Continue reading Solo until I get there

Low attendance means concentrate on the little things

2000 yards.  With fewer people to watch, look at and listen to, I could spend time learning how my stroke and efficiency should be. I felt good on the expulsion breathing, and arms inward facing during the stroke. Warmup Set (400y) 5 x 75 (25 easy/25 build easy to moderate/25 moderate) @ 0:15 rest 25 … Continue reading Low attendance means concentrate on the little things