Two a week feels right.

2000 yards Short course setup is back, Walter came along again and the weather was enviably perfect. JOhn brother in law sent a picture of the Bethpage house buried in snow and the promise that he is moving into the guest house.  I felt very good swimming, trying to do the late release of air and the inward turn of my shoulders during each stroke.  A momentary pause with each reach is also on my mind…

Warmup Set (400y)
8 x 50 [25 easy/25 build] @ 0:10 rest

Main Set (1400y)
7 x 200 @ 4:30, build effort by 50s

Warmdown Set (200y)
2 x [25 easy @ 0:10 rest, 50 build @ 0:10 rest, 25 moderate-hard @ 0:10 rest]

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