Even when I shouldn’t

5 mi. I knew I wasn't going to go hard, but people keep asking why I'm here.  It's good to hear congratulations from friends on the A1A marathon. Most do only the half and many did PR best performances Sunday morning. 1  mi warmup jog 200m w/100m recovery 400m w/200m receovery 300m w/100m recovery 500m … Continue reading Even when I shouldn’t

New bikes abound.

29mi. This morning Charlotte debuted her fast new Transition Expert.  It is white and carbon, a very nice scheme of color for the Specialized 2011 models.  Chiara came with her new wheels, and uniform, too.  We went to Bridge Road and back, not with a group but joined by a guy we've ridden with before, … Continue reading New bikes abound.

A1A Marathon 2011

26.2 mi. This was year 6 for the A1A race, I erroneously posted year 7 on Facebook.  I had heard it was going to be a warm day to run, but in previous years I'd known it to be warmer, so I wasn't concerned about that.  If all went well as I planned and trained … Continue reading A1A Marathon 2011