Bridge recovery

8 miles. It's as it has been for years - Run a marathon, make sure I'm at the Blue Heron Bridge on Tuesday to wobble through a recovery run. This time, no marathon. Our race in Washington's Crossing, PA was cancelled at the last minute. I didn't run the marathon distance in tribute to the … Continue reading Bridge recovery

Bridge after race (again!)

5mi. Today was an important workout. The how-to recover from a marathon for me includes doing this Tuesday run to loosen up whatever was stiff and creaky, vs. allow my legs to be bound up for the rest of the week. I did receive an IV after the race, which restores lost fluids in a … Continue reading Bridge after race (again!)

Track among other achievers

4mi. It's customary for us to get less people when winter. Today we had maybe 10 runners. Weather was warm like a late spring morning. I ran half speed, having just done the Miami Marathon 4 days earlier. Our intervals -- 1 mi warmup jog 300m w/200m recovery 300m w/200m recovery 600m w/200m recovery 900m … Continue reading Track among other achievers

Some track-fed stride recovery

4mi. Not having been told or issued a request, Paul's workout was good for me this morning. Post Disney Marathon meant I wasn't going to aggressively blast through the intervals. I did well running the bridge on Tuesday, so that meant I didn't have to completely lay off any speed or scramble through the group, … Continue reading Some track-fed stride recovery

Post race hills – yup!

8 mi. Having run Disney just two days ago, this was another example of feeling good and coming for the Tuesday bridge run. My legs were not 100%, but I didn't have the soreness and limited stride I used to experience with marathon recovery runs. I ran two laps with John and Lanae, John then … Continue reading Post race hills – yup!

Breezy and early start

8mi. I didn't plan on seeing too many people at the bridge today, but when I sent txt messages to Walter, Chelsea and Angie, they all said it was on their Tuesday plan. Chelsea and Angie had to run earlier than 5 (???) because of their holiday extended hours at the store and re-merchandising that … Continue reading Breezy and early start

Play Lacrosse

5 mi.  The Benjamin School's Lacrosse team shows up very early to practice, first time I've ever seen this - like 6:30am. We ran our workout, many 500s and some longer stretches... 1 mi warmup 300m w/100m recovery 500m w/100 recovery 500m w/100 recovery 400m w/200 recovery 500m w/100 recovery 500m w/100 recovery 500m w/200m … Continue reading Play Lacrosse