Post race hills – yup!

8 mi. Having run Disney just two days ago, this was another example of feeling good and coming for the Tuesday bridge run. My legs were not 100%, but I didn’t have the soreness and limited stride I used to experience with marathon recovery runs. I ran two laps with John and Lanae, John then ran with Matt, Lanae took a rest room break, so my 3-4 laps were solo. Lanae joined back in for my last two. John bantered with me each time we met at the bottom of the hill about the Disney course being different, to which I agreed and elaborated with examples. I told Lanae more about the race and all the things we did to fill the miles – it made my hills go quickly this morning!

I know the supplement Protandim has been hard at work giving me recovery that seems to defy belief. Randi saw me and asked if I did Disney, (yes) and whether or not I did the whole thing. She was very surprised at how I was running unhampered just two days off a sub 4 hour race. She must have spoken with Leslie about it, because Leslie sent me a text early in the afternoon wanting to now more about Protandim. As of Tuesday evening, they were both online entered as customers! Nothing beats a live demonstration!

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