Vegas holiday visit

7 miles. 5:15am doesn't seem early to me, especially when I flew in from the East Coast and it will seem like 8:15am. I drove to a familiar spot - the Henderson pool where Michelle swims and trains. I arrived and met Debbie in the parking lot, followed shortly by Michelle. Debbie came to run, … Continue reading Vegas holiday visit

Where things need to be

11mi. I had asked Lanae if she was interested in running the day after Christmas, being I had not done a morning run or ride on the 25th. She said she was doing a hill repeat workout with Sharon at 7:30am and I was welcome to join. Great. I didn't run the usual bridge workout … Continue reading Where things need to be

Classics By the Sea 10k

6.2 mi - My first 10k not including those associated with an Olympic distance triathlon. I arrived kinda too early, but helped with some of the setup duties, shirts and awards. I did a warmup short run with Erin to the "Shakepearian rest rooms" across the park. Then another 2 mile legs spin with Erica … Continue reading Classics By the Sea 10k

Don’t leave it on the track

4 mi. After a mile of warmup, we started as a small group on intervals in the dark. All of the school's parking lot lights were off, with some cones blocking off parking spots, too. Maybe some maintenance or repairs in order? 1 mi warmup jog 300m w/100m recovery 500m w/100m recovery 300m w/100m recovery … Continue reading Don’t leave it on the track