Vegas holiday visit

7 miles. 5:15am doesn’t seem early to me, especially when I flew in from the East Coast and it will seem like 8:15am. I drove to a familiar spot – the Henderson pool where Michelle swims and trains. I arrived and met Debbie in the parking lot, followed shortly by Michelle. Debbie came to run, but run slowly, so she advertised early on that Michelle and I would be running ourselves. She’d be behind us. Michelle said we normally would be doing hills, she has been running better on the repaired foot so today’s run was on a “new” trail that ran along the hills. We wouldn’t be doing much climbing or descending. I commented how neat it was that there were new trails to be run, I seem to always run the same routes, the same group, etc. (An idea for 2013)

It was 35 degrees, I told Michelle I had a great pair of gloves she could use, but a few miles down the road she said the gloves weren’t working, she has the beginnings of the hyper sensitivity some experience in the toes and fingers. We saw several 3D animal figures along the trail, the trail followed a road like a sidewalk would. I never felt too cold, we ran a pace between 8:20-9:00. It was dark the whole run, 7 miles with an out an back to the pool again. Coming back was with the wind – no breeze in the face meant less drippy nose and sniffles. The route we took didn’t allow for the neat view of Las Vegas that I’ve seen on other runs with the girls. We finished and then hung around the pool talking about swim training and triathlons. I always like the differences in running with the Legs of Las Vegas girls on their schedule and their routes!


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