Beat the storm

7mi.  I woke up at 3:55am to thunder and lightning outside. Maybe, just maybe, I’d be lucky enough for the rain to cancel me out. A meetup last night with Sharon had me home late and tired with a teeny bit of sleep, so rain would have been welcomed.  Thanks to my radar app, I discovered that the storm had a big gap between the violent section and the next thunderstorm area making it’s way across the state.  So I did it, skipping any pushups or sit ups, I drove to the bridge and found only Paul there early for the run. No rain, but the roads were all wet and many puddles in the parking lot. I ran the warmup and first lap solo. Then Adrienne and Lanae came so I went up and down kinda near them. I went slightly faster downhill, but stopping most laps to get water from the bottle I brought. John, Matt, Randi, Leslie, Adrienne and Dave Reback + a few of his girls ran. We could see the next storm lined up west of us and somewhat south, like Wellington area. The winds were from the Southwest, so whatever was brewing in that direction was soon heading our way. The beginning edge of cloud blanket was near me after lap #1, then closer at lap 3. The storm didn’t arrive before I was done, but it was a good light show if you watched it while running west. I didn’t do the cool down laps, I chose a bathroom break instead.

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