Last chill?

Last winter, there were only a few days worthy of wearing knit gloves. This year, we have had days in the 30s. And here we are in the middle of March, and I'm showing up to track in a beanie, long leg tights and a pair of the Boston Marathon Towns gloves. I ran well, without a … Continue reading Last chill?

Chasing at sprints

8 miles.  Last week I skipped the sprints, so it happened today. I ran the first 5 with John Reback, he is healing from the Achilles issue. Good enough to run in front of me or zip me from behind on each one. There wasn't much of a wind, unlike the last few weeks. Maureen, Mary … Continue reading Chasing at sprints

Post race hills – yup!

8 mi. Having run Disney just two days ago, this was another example of feeling good and coming for the Tuesday bridge run. My legs were not 100%, but I didn't have the soreness and limited stride I used to experience with marathon recovery runs. I ran two laps with John and Lanae, John then … Continue reading Post race hills – yup!