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Chasing at sprints

8 miles.  Last week I skipped the sprints, so it happened today. I ran the first 5 with John Reback, he is healing from the Achilles issue. Good enough to run in front of me or zip me from behind on each one. There wasn’t much of a wind, unlike the last few weeks. Maureen, Mary and I caught a crescent moon rising, that was neat. My times for the 6 approx 1/4 mile sprints were…   1:23, 1:23, 1:24, 1:22, 1:21, 1:20


The recovery begins

7mi. I come to the bridge run a day removed from a long run or race to loosen up muscles that are used up from the weekend. Paul was there first, I did a mile of warmup in the parking lot – it didn’t feel bad at a slow shuffling pace. My outer right foot was well covered with a band aid under my sock, that remains the most prominent nagging point of pain from mu race.

I ran my first lap solo, the next 4 with John Reback, and the final one with Matt Kakuk. My legs felt very good in the final 3 miles. I went to the men’s room before leaving, choosing to skip the mile cool down to keep on time. I did a massage at Massage Envy Sunday after the race, I’ve done my COMPEX stim machine each day on the legs, I took an Epsom salt bath Monday night, recovery is going well. I take a daily Protandim pill – this Nrf2 synergizer does on the inside what many “antioxidant agents” cannot do. It uses my body’s natural system to flush free radicals from weary muscles. This is my 2 year mark in usung this product – I can say it helps my recovery, which was quite good to begin with.

Almost alone

7.5 mi. It has been a very long time, years, since I did a Blue Heron bridge run completely alone. Maybe a windy, rainy day before a hurricane? Today wasn’t looking as if I’d be alone, Megan said she was coming via text and then changed her mind shortly thereafter. John Reback came first, once I had finished 2 laps and my warmup. The warmup had my run past a few cars and pickup truck with people sleeping or hanging their possessions out of. Ugh, like a homeless village starting to take shape on the intracoastal side of the parking lot. Bum-a-palooza? I wouldn’t recommend single girls try that route at 5am alone…

Running was good, a slight breeze from the east made the back over way more enjoyable. I talked with john for the 3 & 4 laps about Milwaukee AG Nationals and the sprint race he went to with his brother and dad. He said it was only $75 to send a bike – reasonable since it was $50 25 years ago! Matt Kakuk joined in for my last to laps, he was explaining how his new tires didn’t fit on the bike, his wheels don’t accept 11T sprockets, all kinds of bike tech stuff. I’m good just listening through that and the,”You’re usually running with girls” talk.  Not today, beside those two, only Gary Walk ran with us. Ok by me, I like the run up and down the hill because I know my next race will be 50 miles of that. And I’ll be alone. I did spend a few minutes in my own head about the TNF Atlanta race, thinking how nice it would be to carry strong hill climbing with me in that event. If I want to repeate last year’s podium finish or win my 10 year span age group – that’s going to have to happen. And this is one way to help it along…

Some race here?

7.5 miles I was second to arrive this morning, Paul’s Jeep pulled in right before me. Teresa found us after the first lap of the parking lot – so I went with her to run the hill. She starts quick, knowing she wants to get to the pool for a segment of the master’s swim program. I ran with her for the first two laps, then John Reback joined us. He stayed on for the rest of my miles, our last 1/2 mi was spent running with Seth and two other guys that arrived later. I have had to stop and take a rest room break many times during these runs, like never before. Maybe it’s a Protandim side effect? I didn’t have to rush back for John, he is in NJ and Ohio this week. Lanae and I spoke a bit about Zurich and I said I’d forward a blog post I found online about the 2011 race.

Post race hills – yup!

8 mi. Having run Disney just two days ago, this was another example of feeling good and coming for the Tuesday bridge run. My legs were not 100%, but I didn’t have the soreness and limited stride I used to experience with marathon recovery runs. I ran two laps with John and Lanae, John then ran with Matt, Lanae took a rest room break, so my 3-4 laps were solo. Lanae joined back in for my last two. John bantered with me each time we met at the bottom of the hill about the Disney course being different, to which I agreed and elaborated with examples. I told Lanae more about the race and all the things we did to fill the miles – it made my hills go quickly this morning!

I know the supplement Protandim has been hard at work giving me recovery that seems to defy belief. Randi saw me and asked if I did Disney, (yes) and whether or not I did the whole thing. She was very surprised at how I was running unhampered just two days off a sub 4 hour race. She must have spoken with Leslie about it, because Leslie sent me a text early in the afternoon wanting to now more about Protandim. As of Tuesday evening, they were both online entered as customers! Nothing beats a live demonstration!


5 mi.  Possibly my best track workout in months! I arrived early enough to run a lap with Paul and talk Olympic tri girls before anyone else  arrived. With a renewed interest in running as good as I can, I paced with Erica on all of the longer than 400m intervals, then speed up with John R. for the 400 and 200s. I ran barefoot on the inner track for cooldown and all was well with my legs. I helped Erica fix a flat near her car, next week I’ll remember to bring a bike and ride 20 after the running.

1 mi warmup jog
1200m w/300m recovery
1000m w/200m recovery
800m w/200m recovery
600m w/200m recovery
400m w/200m recovery
200m w/100m recovery
200m w/100m recovery
200m w/100m recovery
200m w/100m recovery

…and I remembered to drink/eat the Chia seeds before going!

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