The recovery begins

7mi. I come to the bridge run a day removed from a long run or race to loosen up muscles that are used up from the weekend. Paul was there first, I did a mile of warmup in the parking lot – it didn’t feel bad at a slow shuffling pace. My outer right foot was well covered with a band aid under my sock, that remains the most prominent nagging point of pain from mu race.

I ran my first lap solo, the next 4 with John Reback, and the final one with Matt Kakuk. My legs felt very good in the final 3 miles. I went to the men’s room before leaving, choosing to skip the mile cool down to keep on time. I did a massage at Massage Envy Sunday after the race, I’ve done my COMPEX stim machine each day on the legs, I took an Epsom salt bath Monday night, recovery is going well. I take a daily Protandim pill – this Nrf2 synergizer does on the inside what many “antioxidant agents” cannot do. It uses my body’s natural system to flush free radicals from weary muscles. This is my 2 year mark in usung this product – I can say it helps my recovery, which was quite good to begin with.

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