Bridge guest

6 mi. After a mile warmup solo in the parking lot, I found Scott Hicks by a rental minivan waiting to start the bridge run with me. Notable non-running things about today’s workout were the many police and border control vehicles congregating around the parking lot and on Blue Heron Blvd. something was brewing boat flotilla like that they had a read on. Also I ate a Moe’s burrito last night at 8:30 – that’s ENTIRELY too late if the run starts at 5:00am. Too much of a crumble to the men’s room despite have all of that sorted out before I left the house.

I ran 5 bridge miles with Scott, we had a wind from the east cooling us – nice! I never felt too good about this run, my left side of my back was tweaked from somehow sleeping wrong. When I started the lazy parking lot warmup I felt tension in my left leg and down to the calf muscle – this must be the debilitating pain chronic back injury people experience. It wasn’t long before I just felt slow and aware my back was off – breathing deep was a test. I felt labored at a 8:20 paced up and down the hill, full in the stomach form the late meal – not a winner of a workout. Hopefully this is the odd one counterbalanced by a great race on Sunday at A1A!

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