Almost alone

7.5 mi. It has been a very long time, years, since I did a Blue Heron bridge run completely alone. Maybe a windy, rainy day before a hurricane? Today wasn’t looking as if I’d be alone, Megan said she was coming via text and then changed her mind shortly thereafter. John Reback came first, once I had finished 2 laps and my warmup. The warmup had my run past a few cars and pickup truck with people sleeping or hanging their possessions out of. Ugh, like a homeless village starting to take shape on the intracoastal side of the parking lot. Bum-a-palooza? I wouldn’t recommend single girls try that route at 5am alone…

Running was good, a slight breeze from the east made the back over way more enjoyable. I talked with john for the 3 & 4 laps about Milwaukee AG Nationals and the sprint race he went to with his brother and dad. He said it was only $75 to send a bike – reasonable since it was $50 25 years ago! Matt Kakuk joined in for my last to laps, he was explaining how his new tires didn’t fit on the bike, his wheels don’t accept 11T sprockets, all kinds of bike tech stuff. I’m good just listening through that and the,”You’re usually running with girls” talk.  Not today, beside those two, only Gary Walk ran with us. Ok by me, I like the run up and down the hill because I know my next race will be 50 miles of that. And I’ll be alone. I did spend a few minutes in my own head about the TNF Atlanta race, thinking how nice it would be to carry strong hill climbing with me in that event. If I want to repeate last year’s podium finish or win my 10 year span age group – that’s going to have to happen. And this is one way to help it along…

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