A good purpose

2000 yards – I like this conditioning shape I’ve attained by peppering in swims and spin classes to augment real road running and biking. So after I’ve woken up early to run the almost-empty bridge today, I do a quick turnaround shower and get on the street to drive to LA Fitness Okeechobee to swim. I don’t leave too much time for me to finish what i’m after – 40 minutes of swimming, a shower, then the quick drive to the office. I could have slept the additional 2 hours, but I’ll adjust and figure that out tonight.

The laps were ok, I felt earlier in the swim that I could do the whole workout a tad faster than just flopping through it. I had good ideas while alone, thinking about what swimming in Lake Zurich would be like again in a wetsuit, what the Lake Worth sprint tri would be like (which I’m not entering this year) and overall the difference between slow swimming and having some purpose. I feel it in my triceps, I flutter a good kick some laps, I’d really like to keep this twice a week routine going. It isn’t difficult and I know it adds a good piece of fitness that I woudn’t get running or riding. As always, these workouts are best appreciated when you’re over them, looking back is a reward for the mind and body!

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