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Chasing at sprints

8 miles.  Last week I skipped the sprints, so it happened today. I ran the first 5 with John Reback, he is healing from the Achilles issue. Good enough to run in front of me or zip me from behind on each one. There wasn’t much of a wind, unlike the last few weeks. Maureen, Mary and I caught a crescent moon rising, that was neat. My times for the 6 approx 1/4 mile sprints were…   1:23, 1:23, 1:24, 1:22, 1:21, 1:20


Eat Big, Run Slow

Of course my birthday this year fell on a Monday. And I went to a restaurant and ate a nice meal and sat there for 35 minutes waiting for the check. This is not going to help the Tuesday bridge workout. And… it’s a day for hill sprints!

There were a bunch of people on the bridge this morning, I was the first one to arrive and get out of my car. Janet was already there, her husband was off so she could stay for a proper warmup and cooldown. Walter and Kathy came, only after they were stopped on Blue Heron Blvd and given a warning for speeding. Maureen and Mary arrived at the same time, we did the warm up together.

Three regular laps were ok, I felt heavy. I didn’t stay up late, but eating late will have an effect on how this run goes. I did the six hill sprints in 1:23, 1:25, 1:25, 1:27, 1:25, 1:24.

We enjoyed a great sunrise I wouldn’t have skipped this workout, even though I can feel it as Tuesday gets closer each week. It’s work!

Straight line treatment

5mi It was 66 degrees out and after last week’s short rest in between intervals, I did pushups and burpees to hopefully wake up my lungs for the track workout. Paul brought his new sign and re-marked the course at every 100m for us. I ran with Janet who was ticking along very well for the intervals she could stay for. She only missed 3 400s at the end.

What a blast really breathing hard to keep the right pace. I tried to match Janet’s footstrike and her inhales and exhales. She will be very well prepared for her first marathon in Chicago. The speed is already there!

Roll it over and over.

4.5 mi. This was a simple workout, 12 repeats of 400m each. We broke the into sets of three, inside the sets we had 100m recovery. In between the sets of three were 200m recoveries.  I would say I ran at about 75%-80% speed, many times shadowing Erica and Tom Matese.  I kept thinking, “Just jam it and get up there with Atilla”, but I didn’t want to press too hard. I don’t have an injury, and for the next two weeks, I don’t want to encourage one.  Charlotte came, Scott Hansel and Scott Hicks, Carolyn Stone and Jon.  I counted 26 runners, including 5 Reback girls running shuttle drills between cones in the infield. That’s how the Olympian thing takes hold?  I remember doing the 3rd set of three 400m with Erica in 1:22, 1:21, 1:20. I figured the final set would be an all out sprint, but Paul called for them to be run at 5k pace. I kinda ran that pace, maybe a small bit faster.  Everyone else was considerably speedier than a 5k pace – so I was passed on the last straightaway by a few runners.  I only did 2 of four cooldown laps, explaining the  missing 1/2 mile.  I did well breathing, exercised the different strides Paul requested we use, so it was a good morning for me.

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