Roll it over and over.

4.5 mi. This was a simple workout, 12 repeats of 400m each. We broke the into sets of three, inside the sets we had 100m recovery. In between the sets of three were 200m recoveries.  I would say I ran at about 75%-80% speed, many times shadowing Erica and Tom Matese.  I kept thinking, “Just jam it and get up there with Atilla”, but I didn’t want to press too hard. I don’t have an injury, and for the next two weeks, I don’t want to encourage one.  Charlotte came, Scott Hansel and Scott Hicks, Carolyn Stone and Jon.  I counted 26 runners, including 5 Reback girls running shuttle drills between cones in the infield. That’s how the Olympian thing takes hold?  I remember doing the 3rd set of three 400m with Erica in 1:22, 1:21, 1:20. I figured the final set would be an all out sprint, but Paul called for them to be run at 5k pace. I kinda ran that pace, maybe a small bit faster.  Everyone else was considerably speedier than a 5k pace – so I was passed on the last straightaway by a few runners.  I only did 2 of four cooldown laps, explaining the  missing 1/2 mile.  I did well breathing, exercised the different strides Paul requested we use, so it was a good morning for me.

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