Back to Normal?

8mi. Good temps and a slight breeze from the east means it’s Blue Heron Bridge time again.  I am really confident today’s run will push my mind back to the more predictable experiences of a sweat, going at a good pace, and seeing more people show up early. Today I was beaten to the run by Jon and Scott Hicks, who at the very end had me pick up the white PBMF shirt he had forgotten at the bottom start area of the bridge.  I did average, speeding up a small bit in the beginning to try to run with Scott, then again at the end to pace on some of the faster guy’s first laps.  I kept burping in twos and threes, hopefully that’s a cleansing of bad nutrition making room for good nutrition.  Even the normal parking area was finally cleared of work vehicles and construction cones.  May every morning for the next 6 mos be 72 degrees and mild!

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