A token showing

4 mi. A cooler than I expected morning meant I wore my heaviest grade cotton short sleeved t-shirt. I met Erica at her car, thankfully she confirmed, it was not a regular warm day. Sometimes the tree-surrounded Reback Track & Field is cooler than its surroundings! Paul called out a "nobody could've guessed it" set … Continue reading A token showing

Different but that’s ok

4mi. It was 61 degrees when I pulled into the parking lot. I took a nice iPhone picture of the Reback Track & Field sign, it is now well lit because of the new lights that make the parking lot look like daytime! Paul and John were joking back and forth about barefoot running, citing … Continue reading Different but that’s ok

No Paul, no mile…

5 mi.   Perry called out the intervals today, a really hot and still humid morning.  No relief from a breeze or a temp under 83 at 5:30am.  We ran the following workout. 1 mi warmup jog 1000m w/200m recovery 400m w/200m recovery 200m w/200m recovery 800m w/200m recovery 800m w/200m recovery 600m w/200m recovery 400m … Continue reading No Paul, no mile…

Getting sprite so soon?

4mi. I ran well in breezy 72 degree weather at the track today.  I learned Gary and Perry are Boston bound, Missy and Teresa are already on schedule to race April 18th.  I ran the warmup with Erica who may want to ride Saturday since she is racing Sunday.  I noticed only 16 runners today, … Continue reading Getting sprite so soon?