A delayed start

5mi. Today was the first morning of the new "summer hours" at Benjamin Track. Security will open the school gates at 6:30 am. I imagine this will inconvenience a few that have a work schedule beginning in the early mornings. Some runners cane at the regular time and did a workout on Grandiflora Ave. They … Continue reading A delayed start

Enjoying the straights

5 Miles - Doing a track or speed work out the morning after a Christmas party outing definitely tests your discipline. Very easily I could've stayed in bed this morning! The Benjamin School's front gate was locked when we arrived - second week in a row. Paul was prepared with lights and a workout for … Continue reading Enjoying the straights

A surprisingly good effort!

5mi. With the Benjamin track shuttered from tornado damage, we use the well-lit Alton neighborhood for our interval workouts. It's flat of course, has 1 turn and has new street lights the whole way! I came in a cotton undershirt and a long-sleeved race shirt. I wore that for the warm up mile, then went … Continue reading A surprisingly good effort!