A big midweek run

15 miles. This is one demanding workout! Weather was 59 degrees, light rain, and a breezy from the Northwest. I ran in a long sleeve shirt, shorts, water bottle belt, and a clip-on light. It called for 3 x 3 miles at goal marathon pace, with 2 mi warmup & 2 mi cooldown. One mile … Continue reading A big midweek run

Five and tree quarters

5 mi. Today was a track workout. Our weather was good with a cool breeze coming out of the east. I did a slow warmup on Grandiflora Ave, my right side hip and glute area was not feeling right - too tight and slight soreness until I was warmed up. It felt good while running, … Continue reading Five and tree quarters

Really, the last run of the year.

16 mi./11 mi. I did an early 10 miles from TRS store to PGA & back, then a 10.5 mile store to inlet run. Suzanne and Adrienne were looking to complete 7 one mile repeats. I wasn't seriously considering that until Walter said he was interested in doing that. We started north of Marcinski Rd and … Continue reading Really, the last run of the year.

It wasn’t zippy but it counts.

4 mi  No cooldown today, my right ankle, injured, treated, iced often, doesn't need much more on my first track play back. Very good to see many people for the first time in two months. This is what I slowly followed for intervals...1 mi warmup.300m w/100m recovery 300m w/100m recovery 300m w/100m recovery 400m w/200m recovery 500m w/100m recovery 500m … Continue reading It wasn’t zippy but it counts.