Stay focused in the dark

5 mi. Today was a good, cool morning. Only a few at the track run, I followed speedy Seth for the intervals. It's the last Daylight Standard time with a hint of light at the end of the intervals, next week is back to all running in the dark... 1 mile warmup jog 100m w/100m recovery … Continue reading Stay focused in the dark

Shouldn’t be me

5 miles. 4 days post A1A Marathon, and no Seth, Zeke, or anyone to chase at track today. I am glad my legs feel good, but today is not a day I need to be a leader of the intervals. Mike Sheehan is there and he brings a friend. Mike ran next to me or … Continue reading Shouldn’t be me

On track for something good

5mi. The intervals for today were all middle distance, except for a 200m near the beginning. The new guy Roger went fast for that one, step for step with John R., but he wasn't anywhere near the front on the others. 1 mi warmup jog 600m w/200m recovery 200m w/200m recovery 500m w/200m recovery 500m w/200m recovery 600m w/200m … Continue reading On track for something good

It wasn’t zippy but it counts.

4 mi  No cooldown today, my right ankle, injured, treated, iced often, doesn't need much more on my first track play back. Very good to see many people for the first time in two months. This is what I slowly followed for intervals...1 mi warmup.300m w/100m recovery 300m w/100m recovery 300m w/100m recovery 400m w/200m recovery 500m w/100m recovery 500m … Continue reading It wasn’t zippy but it counts.