Shouldn’t be me

5 miles. 4 days post A1A Marathon, and no Seth, Zeke, or anyone to chase at track today. I am glad my legs feel good, but today is not a day I need to be a leader of the intervals. Mike Sheehan is there and he brings a friend. Mike ran next to me or … Continue reading Shouldn’t be me


More of the Alton stripes

5 miles. Today was our second cold zinger of a morning for track. Everyone came dressed for it, everyone meaning myself and all of the girl runners. Guys all had shorts and varying upper body garments. Paul was in the smallest shorts he owns. Me, I came ready for 37 degrees and a 12-15 mph … Continue reading More of the Alton stripes

Think about that!

5mi. Of all the social media posts you see from runners, often there are photos of workouts and track sessions. Of course there are, there should be! It's an essential part of any serious runner's regimen, speed and intervals. Form and function. Most folks don't have an opportunity to attend a coached track session. Or they … Continue reading Think about that!

Last one of the year…

5mi. Still barely December, still high 70s in the early morning! Marty, Franci, Paul and Seth where the early ones today. Not a large group for the last track speed workout of 2015. Paul said he was sweating after one warmup lap -  he later joked that, "The end times are near" since we haven't … Continue reading Last one of the year…