As the coach…

8mi/3 mi track intervals. Today Paul was away so I led the workout. So as not to instill the guessing we enjoy when Paul calls out the intervals, I picked a familiar workout and announced the plan to all before we began. It still wasn't enough, as some people had to verify and ask what … Continue reading As the coach…


Sun sprints

5mi. It's light out when we start the intervals, meaning we get to see each other and the far side curve of the track for all of the intervals. Paul drops a finishing 1200m at the end of mostly short intervals, I wasn't much surprised however. Not this time! 1 mile warmup on Alton 200m … Continue reading Sun sprints

Think about that!

5mi. Of all the social media posts you see from runners, often there are photos of workouts and track sessions. Of course there are, there should be! It's an essential part of any serious runner's regimen, speed and intervals. Form and function. Most folks don't have an opportunity to attend a coachedĀ track session. Or they … Continue reading Think about that!