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Remember to bleed

16 mi. It’s not a well-recommended plan to donate blood the day before a strenuous run. It does help accelerate the debilitating conditions you experience in distance running, it comes on a bit quicker this way.

I arrived at the Dunkin Donuts to setup the flag and sign early enough to start on time at 5 am. Margo from Indian said she would run at 5 am, so when Walter, Teresa, and Missy left early (4:55) I let them go. Margo slept in and never came, sending me to the beach road to maybe catch some of the others on their way back from PGA Blvd.

I ran solo fast for the first mile, they had about a 7-minute head start on me. When I got within sight of the “Welcome to Juno Beach” lit sign, I didn’t see anyone cross in front of the light. I would have if they went this way – unless they chose to run around the duck pond on the sidewalk. I kept going, slowing my pace. I know they would be coming back at me as I ran to the turnaround point – my decision would then be to turn and chat with them or keep going to finish with a total of 16 miles.

As I got closer to PGA’s traffic light, I couldn’t see anyone running. The group must have gone north on the water and Gatorade supported route instead! I was now solo all the way back to the store, again, at a slower pace.

Once I got back to the store, it was time for a few quick announcements and then off to the regular route. I started with Adam Bloom and Mike R., who said they’d be warming up first. Gradually their speed increased. Before the 2.5 mi water stop, we were at a 7:15 pace. That didn’t feel as it should, I made sure I took enough water. When we started again, I didn’t want to push myself at that pace any longer. I didn’t remember the donating blood at 4 pm the day before detail, but this is what that feels like. Lower energy levels all the next day.

I ran solo to the inlet, then came back at a more relaxed pace with Mary Monks. Steve was in a rush to get home and see the British Oen on TV, so we didn’t stop long at the remaining water stops. I was happy to be finished, this was perhaps my 4th 16 mile Saturday in a row. I like having those miles on my weekend. This weekend I am the substitute coach for the relatively new Sunday Jupiter HS Track workout – so I won’t do much tomorrow for running…





Think about that!

5mi. Of all the social media posts you see from runners, often there are photos of workouts and track sessions. Of course there are, there should be! It’s an essential part of any serious runner’s regimen, speed and intervals. Form and function.

Most folks don’t have an opportunity to attend a coached track session. Or they don’t have a track that open to them, schools being more security minded. I am fortunate. I see it very clearly. I have a great place to train and wonderful coaching with Paul providing weekly workouts, mixed with his own brand of humor. I very much appreciate this chance to run with a group, chase faster guys and keep improving. I don’t take it lightly, it’s special to me.

1 mi warmup

100m w/100m recovery
100m w/100m recovery
300m w/100m recovery
500m w/200m recovery
800m w/200m recovery
1600m w/200m recovery (6:00 est)
600m w/200m recovery
600m w/200m recovery
100m w/100m recovery

1 mi cool down jog

Remember me?

30mi. That’s got to be what my bike has been thinking as I open the garage door, park the car, and close the electric door again. All without removing the Specialized S-Works from its I haven’t been riding much – and when I do the cycling gods are paying notice. My speedometer, CatEye wireless dual or something, doesn’t register. I changed the battery after my last “zero metrics” ride and tested it to work fine – speed, cadence, etc.

Today I rode from home to the Jupiter Inlet. It’s a good ride when there’s little traffic. There was a wind from the west, but that only affected me heading back home for the final 4 miles on Northlake Blvd.

Yes, I have to repair or replace the CatEye thing. I’m not a numbers junkie, but speed? That I’d like to see while riding!


Loggerhead Triathlon 2012

Loggerhead Tri... 2012 Dave MastersonI’ve done this race ight times in twelve years, not verified, but that’s what I think I have in my bag of experiences going into this year’s “World Championships of Jupiter.” Many of those years were spent chasing Rick Opton down on the bike, trying to transition faster than him to outrun him in a 5k. Or finding John Enck at our meetup each year 8 minutes apart coming in and out of the Jupiter Inlet Park. I remember vividly having Linda Neary (Robb, by now) pass me at the same point on the run each of three years. All with giving me a 10 minute head start via the wave swim system. And Donna, my wife at the time, telling me in year 2000, “You have to learn to be a runner.” All these memories swirling about me as I line up to blast out an hour and change worth of exertion.

I felt great arriving early, even though I dropped my bike off the night before under the threat of rain. I spent packet pickup at the bar with Chiara, Shelby and then Kendall Sukach, having beer and talking about the race to come and lulu Sea Wheeze coming next week. The morning was spent seeing as much of Laura Bennett’s Olympic Triathlon race as possible before heading to Carlin Park. My transition was already setup, and I got a great parking spot near my bike. I helped Chiara and Lilia setup their gear, saw plenty of people and posed for a good number of pictures I’m sure will show up on Facebook despite my weary-eyed look at 6:00am. I made it out to the beach with a good amount of time to warmup swim and not make my first 400m slow because of “rust in my system.” I started in the fourth wave, I enjoyed watching the first three waves start. The youth, the girls, and many people I knew. I had no “butterflies” or pre-race jitters, I felt good about what I brought to the event for training and prep. I prepared to swim better than my usual and my idea of staying outside the main group (short of the chaotic start) worked well. I felt good exiting the water and went quickly to my transition spot, almost running completely past the rack where my bike was. I made an ok switch, nothing to brag about this year. I chose to “flying start” my shoes, neatly rubber-banded to the derailleurs and ready to go. Tell me why I always get a cramp in my toes and calves while mounting the bike, specifically lifting my foot up and over the frame to ride away? I rode consistently over 22 mph, some 23, 24s in there along the 13 mi route. I saw Adrienne, Suzanne S and Suzanne M. out on the route, maybe two or three riders that were probably relay team riders passed me, that’s all. I dismounted in a neat side-saddle one footed fashion. I don’t think I did a fast T2, but good enough to grab a visor and run belt. Starting out on the run I did well, watching the top 5-10 overall guys turn into the park. I had Austin follow me on the bike doing video. I ran probably a 6:45 first mile, but felt in control. Miles 2 and 3 were ok, too, I finished running in 20:25, 6 seconds faster than July 4th’s practice run on the course and 5 seconds faster than last year. I didn’t have a last minute sprint, just ran steady the whole way. I found both Suzannes out on the course near the inlet, saw Erica and Teresa near Jupiter Dunes Golf course, it was a good run effort for me. I found myself very satisfied with the whole effort, 10th place in my age group with the same time that yielded a 4th place last year meant the competition has improved. Give me Bill Picciano, Tony Cabrales and a Mike Reinhardt well trained for Ironman in all three disciplines and I rate back where I belong, top ten at Loggerhead. A good race for me!

Long Lemon Run

The Girls of Lululemon Athletica come out to play.

20mi.  I’d say 58 degrees would  be ideal for that long run before a marathon. Walter & Chiara met me today at 5am, I arrived early and did 2 mi on the bridge first. We went to PGA and back, did not stop at the store, and ran to the inlet, back to the store and then I did the bridge one more time for 20 miles.  Chiara was not feeling well, despite her several threats to turn around, she did 16.  Walter finished with 10, he spun back towards the car at the turquoise roofs water stop.

This is how today went: In keeping with the long slow prep run philosophy, I ran slow, with tiny surges of speed when Chiara’s pace went quicker. On the way back from the inlet, I stopped to do an emergency restroom stop. I went in by the Jupiter Reef Club, but their bathrooms were locked. With no options nearby, I went into the tall seagrapes and made it happen. Yup, wiping with the green leaves.  This would have been the highlight of today’s run, or the weather, or that it could have been one of the easiest 20 milers I’ve done. Yet today’s notable event was the lemonade stand setup by the girls of Lululemon Athletica at the turquoise roofs water stop. They were “market testing” their apparel and offered to change the shorts you were wearing for their brand. Tiffany and Elizabeth had a selection of men’s and women’s shorts to try, several colors and sizes, a changing shade to dress behind, what a deal. I said I’d do it but I was wearing a good pair that were fairly new. Elizabeth said not only would she give me the Lulus to try, but she’d just let me keep mine, too. She offered to let me keep mine in a bag from her store to pick up later, but I didn’t think I’d be back in time – so I stuffed them into the small of my back and ran with them that way.  I chose a blue pair of men’s running shorts, they are longer than I’m used to, but she said I could come to the store for free hemming or alterations. On running shorts?  This is some service!  The new ones have a zip pocket on the right leg, two regular pockets on the front, and a drawstring. They fit well and were comfortable on the remaining 12 miles I wore them, nice!  On the way back, the Lulu girls were cleaning up their area so I thanked both girls again. I collected Elizabeth’s business card, she’s the store manager. I told her I’d happily make a banner or sign for her so that in the future they could use it at events and such. I wanted to show my appreciation and let them know that I thought their efforts were amazing. I’ve been to the store and really thought their line of clothing was female only. Now I’ll revisit and see what other male products they have.

I didn’t push hard pace-wise, except for a 1 mile stretch where my “bathroom in the woods episode” allowed Chiara to get a considerable lead on me. Running at an 8:30 pace, it took some effort and time to catch up with her.  I am satisfied that my next marathon can be at a respectable time. I can also enjoy the environs I’ll be running through without the self imposed stress of having to get a certain time.  Good start to the day!

A Saturday for long, slow distance.

The Jupiter Inlet turnaround point.

Here's where we spin around to go back to the store.

13mi. This was originally slated to be a 16 miler, but last minute pleas from Walter and Chiara had us start at 5:30am for 13 miles. I had a rare early little league game to be prepared for, this was an 8am start for John. I figured do the 3 miles first, meet the large group at 6:00am and do 9 minute miles to be at the store and done at 7:30am. NOT!

We had a slow pace around the duck pond for near 3 miles. It was dark, a chilly breeze for myself, Suzanne, Chiara, Adrienne and another girl I didn’t know. We positioned ourselves behind Erica and Rick for the first portion of the run, so we weren’t going too slow. We went to the store, I used the restroom, and we started late and had to catch the group. Thanks to Suzanne for waiting for me.  It was dark for more than half of the run to the inlet. We met up with another very fast triathlete that everyone knew except for me. I spoke with her most of the run back, I guess the others left her to hear me out… nice!

I finished at 7:45am, so I was slow. It was an ok run, I burned some calories and got a few miles on my new Asics Gel Kinseas. Mission accomplished.

Saturday before a long flight

16.5 mi. A breeze and 66 degrees made today’s long slow run enjoyable. Chiara, Adrienne, Charlotte and Lisa Reese came early to do the first 6 miles down to PGA and back. then we joined the Sat Running Sports group for their 10.5mi.

Suzanne joined up with us right at 5 miles, she was looking to cover 16 today, also but with a later start. A cool wind was going to make this run easy since it fairly came from the west. That meant we’d never have to face it for an extended time. I wore a sleeveless tank top and shorts, plus I didn’t forget the flashing light for my side. I’m bringing it to Australia, too! I favor doing a run before flying, it helps me be ready for sleep, tired, slow, finished !

Big winds, big wipe.

This was supposed to be today's highlight of the ride...

48mi. What a way to start the year on wheels… I had been out ’til about 12:30am last night, did the long run yesterday, so I was tired going to the meetup at Marcinski Road. Apparently the cycling group is onto the  idea that a start point without reliable restrooms is beat! Loggerhead has been outta commission for months, so the riders now have adopted “the bunker” as the starting place. When I got there, Erica was arriving, Marty pulled in, a few others got there and ready, but it was slow going collecting all the riders.  One guy was sorting through jersey options in the back of his SUV, others gave him grief about that. Suzanne arrived, looked around and said, “I don’t know about five of these guys.” Erica also said something similar – I remember from their crash at the New Year that Suzanne had similar feelings and concerns.  I thought about this in the parking lot before we left, but not really during the ride.

The idea was to go to Sandsprit Park, a 50 mi ride.  I wasn’t committed to going fast, and neither was Suzanne, which was fine for me. There was a powerful breeze from the south, meaning our ride there would be nice and wind-aided, and coming back we would need to be in a great paceline to bite back into the wind. At first, I was content cruising in the middle, some riders dropped back, leaving me pretty close to the front.  A group of maybe 8 riders broke off and went ahead, I was with maybe 12 others in a second group. I pulled some with the wind, from before the fork in the road on “the Island” to the Tequesta Beach park.  There we met up again with the breakaway group.  It was less than a 60 second rest, then back on it over the Intracoastal and up Gomez Road.  I was in the very front this time, with three other guys.  Their pace was around 23mph on Gomez. When we made the left/right/left and put ourselves over the tracks near Peck’s Lake park, they really started increasing the pace. Again, I didn’t want to go too fast, I was tired and knew I’d have to save some for the windy way back. (I find it’s somewhat compelling to stay with whoever you’re following though, you just stick near them by habit.)  They had our group at 28, 29, then the next time I looked down, we were going 32mph. With the wind, but still fast enough to where I didn’t want to check the speed anymore, thinking I could loose concentration and cause a wreck. I didn’t want to get dropped by these guys, either, fearing I’d have to keep near their pace all myself… it’s easier to stay on a wheel.  We crossed the tracks onto Dixie Hwy and others came up from behind and sprinted to the front. On this section of road and through the little town of Port Salerno, things got mixed up to where another guy with chrome Oakley Radars and myself were leading, but everyone else kinda stopped going that fast.  Then were turned onto the lead-in road for the park with 1 mile to go – and I was the sole leader, with the closest followers 100 yards back and not looking to stay with me. Michelle, Steve Bernstein’s fiancee passed me, then some others did, too, and we entered the park and took a short break.  I thought my self engineered picture with Suzanne was going to be the highlight of the ride. Nope!

Once we started up again, weird things started happening. A red pickup truck followed our group, got up next to Erica, blew his horn, then stopped to let our whole group pass him. Our group did pass him, but then our leaders slowed, so now he was behind most of our crew except for me, Suzanne and maybe two others.  This went on for over half a mile.  He eventually passed us and we made the left onto Dixie highway, which was more crowded than I’ve seen it before that early on a Sunday morning. We grouped all as one again, and made way south into a wind stronger than we started the day with.  I had heard Marty say windspeed was going to increase as the day progressed, he was right!  We had to stop & clip out as a group 3 times going through Port Salerno, that’s more than ever before.  Once we passed the Cove Rd (final) traffic circle, we were as a group and single file into the wind.  I was behind Erica and following a respectful distance but still getting some draft.  The wind was tough on this open tree-less stretch of road.  Maybe 3/4 of a mile ahead, Erica slowed ’cause she had noticed the leaders slow, I tapped my very efficient rear brakes, which didn’t make a noise or a skid, but  slowed my rear wheel for a revolution I think. Others behind me adjusted speed, too. Only moments later, this is when I heard the yelps and the clanking metal of the crash. Looking back, someone had fallen, others were crashing into that person, and people were yelling. Those in front of me may have seen some of it, I made sure I spoke out and said a quick, “Hold on, riders down” which got Erica and Paul to see what was unfolding. At first, I though my braking might have caused someone to hit me, even though I didn’t feel anything and there was no one falling close to me.  Thankfully this wasn’t accurate.  I turned around, and now others were getting off their bikes and helping those in the street and on the grass shoulder. A few cars stopped and offered help or use of a phone, but we waved them on. It looked like four riders were on the floor, Michelle, Amy, a guy with a neon colored long sleeve shirt, and another guy.  The two girls were hurt the worst, Amy said her shoulder was tight and in pain, Michelle curled up on the grass and Steve spoke to her softly and too low for me to hear what he was saying. My first look at Amy’s shoulder told me a collarbone was broken, I couldn’t see her clavicle on that side and some skin was hard pinched in that area of her shoulder.  OUCH! Michelle had a cracked helmet, scrapes, but no bone problems, she just seemed really gripped with fear.  Her hands were in a semi closed claw position as she lay there assessing her pain.  She stretched and slowly walked around, Amy chose to have an ambulance called, she could not continue to ride.  Phone calls were made, an ambulance and fire truck showed up, and arrangements to get the injured bikes home were planned.  The rest of us started back towards home.  A group of 6 led us southward, but it was tough to stay with them, I really didn’t look to go that fast in that wind.  So I hovered for  small bit and caught Suzanne.  We rode all the way back together.  Some of this was side by side talking, or we took turns leading and following when cars came.  The wind made us reduce speed to 18mph, then 17, next time I looked I was pulling and going 14mph!  When we got just past Blowing Rocks Preserve, I saw my speed at 13-14-15mph.  We got stuck at the Jupiter Island drawbridge, then slowly made it back to the start point.  Once I saw my speed at 12 mph, and it was as I was pedaling well!  Who wants to go 12mph I thought?  I felt tired and tight in the upper thighs from pressing against the wind for  20 miles… I didn’t plan on that as my Sunday workout.  It wasn’t a problem, though, thankfully I wasn’t injured in a crash – speaking of things I didn’t plan!  May this be the only ride this year where people scrape the pavement… I was relieved that Chiara was there and Charlotte didn’t see it or the after-effects.  I’ve seen many collarbone snaps at Woodward and in BMX – that’s a  painful one even to see.  I hope Amy gets “set” correctly, doesn’t need surgery to put the clavicle together, and has a rapid recovery.

Amy gets help from the pros.

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