Remember to bleed

16 mi. It’s not a well-recommended plan to donate blood the day before a strenuous run. It does help accelerate the debilitating conditions you experience in distance running, it comes on a bit quicker this way.

I arrived at the Dunkin Donuts to setup the flag and sign early enough to start on time at 5 am. Margo from Indian said she would run at 5 am, so when Walter, Teresa, and Missy left early (4:55) I let them go. Margo slept in and never came, sending me to the beach road to maybe catch some of the others on their way back from PGA Blvd.

I ran solo fast for the first mile, they had about a 7-minute head start on me. When I got within sight of the “Welcome to Juno Beach” lit sign, I didn’t see anyone cross in front of the light. I would have if they went this way – unless they chose to run around the duck pond on the sidewalk. I kept going, slowing my pace. I know they would be coming back at me as I ran to the turnaround point – my decision would then be to turn and chat with them or keep going to finish with a total of 16 miles.

As I got closer to PGA’s traffic light, I couldn’t see anyone running. The group must have gone north on the water and Gatorade supported route instead! I was now solo all the way back to the store, again, at a slower pace.

Once I got back to the store, it was time for a few quick announcements and then off to the regular route. I started with Adam Bloom and Mike R., who said they’d be warming up first. Gradually their speed increased. Before the 2.5 mi water stop, we were at a 7:15 pace. That didn’t feel as it should, I made sure I took enough water. When we started again, I didn’t want to push myself at that pace any longer. I didn’t remember the donating blood at 4 pm the day before detail, but this is what that feels like. Lower energy levels all the next day.

I ran solo to the inlet, then came back at a more relaxed pace with Mary Monks. Steve was in a rush to get home and see the British Oen on TV, so we didn’t stop long at the remaining water stops. I was happy to be finished, this was perhaps my 4th 16 mile Saturday in a row. I like having those miles on my weekend. This weekend I am the substitute coach for the relatively new Sunday Jupiter HS Track workout – so I won’t do much tomorrow for running…




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