Outrun Corona

26.2 miles. Our race would have been today in Hawley, Pa. They had 41 degree temperatures and a high probability of rain predicted for our run on that course. We had another idea, however. Five of us lined up at 5:15 am in the parking lot of Dunkin' Donuts in Juno Beach for a full … Continue reading Outrun Corona

When you run near a Hurricane

Today I had the most demanding of my Hanson's 1/2 Marathon plan weekly runs - a 6 mile tempo. It's supposed to be done at race pace, so for the weeks leading up to this, I have stayed between 6:30 - 6:40 minutes per mile. Not today! The winds and rain was coming out of … Continue reading When you run near a Hurricane

Long run with the Chicago folks

16 mi. Tom and Janet's second 16-mile run tops out their Hansons-Brooks method schedule for the Chicago marathon prep. We did the last one together, followed by a breakfast at Maureen's house. This time, we will have Mary Monks running some of the miles with us. And breakfast is at Toojay's. We started a little … Continue reading Long run with the Chicago folks