A challenging long one

18.6 mi. My program takes a low week of total mileage, then a 3-week ramp up to 20+ miles. That's next week. Today I did a bit more than 18 miles, with the first 6 happening at 5 am to PGA Blvd and back. Thankfully, Maribel Bleeker came early to run those miles with me. … Continue reading A challenging long one


Long run with the Chicago folks

16 mi. Tom and Janet's second 16-mile run tops out their Hansons-Brooks method schedule for the Chicago marathon prep. We did the last one together, followed by a breakfast at Maureen's house. This time, we will have Mary Monks running some of the miles with us. And breakfast is at Toojay's. We started a little … Continue reading Long run with the Chicago folks

More of what yesterday brought.

6 mi. Today instead of riding, John and I went to Loggerhead park to run with Erica and Walter. We set it up last night while at dinner, we'd agreed to meet and start at 7am. John surprised me, I thought he would bail out and sleep. The cyclists, not many of them, were meeting … Continue reading More of what yesterday brought.