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Long run with the Chicago folks

16 mi. Tom and Janet’s second 16-mile run tops out their Hansons-Brooks method schedule for the Chicago marathon prep. We did the last one together, followed by a breakfast at Maureen’s house. This time, we will have Mary Monks running some of the miles with us. And breakfast is at Toojay’s.

We started a little later than the 5:15 am meet up time, Janet and Tom brought everything for this one. Tom had a scale to weigh in pre and post run to track his fluid loss and consumption.

This time Tom, Janet, and Maureen had better plans to fuel during the run. Salt pills and things to eat before running made their 16 miles considerably better than last time. I had a salt pill at every 4th mile and some ProBar chewy blocks at miles 5 and 10. I put tri quick change laces in the New Balance Zante shoes after yesterday’s 10-mile run, they are better but still were too tight on my left foot. We had a small breeze from the north which was good. I think today’s start temp and humidity was better than yesterday’s run on the same route.

The road still has sand and storm junk on it, so stepping around or over things is necessary. I felt good after this one. My groin area is tight after today’s run, I should stretch that in a more focused manner. Tom and Janet gained a bunch of confidence for their race, which I will be witnessing from the sidelines.

The breakfast was very good, plenty of delicious food, just what I needed!



Remember to bleed

16 mi. It’s not a well-recommended plan to donate blood the day before a strenuous run. It does help accelerate the debilitating conditions you experience in distance running, it comes on a bit quicker this way.

I arrived at the Dunkin Donuts to setup the flag and sign early enough to start on time at 5 am. Margo from Indian said she would run at 5 am, so when Walter, Teresa, and Missy left early (4:55) I let them go. Margo slept in and never came, sending me to the beach road to maybe catch some of the others on their way back from PGA Blvd.

I ran solo fast for the first mile, they had about a 7-minute head start on me. When I got within sight of the “Welcome to Juno Beach” lit sign, I didn’t see anyone cross in front of the light. I would have if they went this way – unless they chose to run around the duck pond on the sidewalk. I kept going, slowing my pace. I know they would be coming back at me as I ran to the turnaround point – my decision would then be to turn and chat with them or keep going to finish with a total of 16 miles.

As I got closer to PGA’s traffic light, I couldn’t see anyone running. The group must have gone north on the water and Gatorade supported route instead! I was now solo all the way back to the store, again, at a slower pace.

Once I got back to the store, it was time for a few quick announcements and then off to the regular route. I started with Adam Bloom and Mike R., who said they’d be warming up first. Gradually their speed increased. Before the 2.5 mi water stop, we were at a 7:15 pace. That didn’t feel as it should, I made sure I took enough water. When we started again, I didn’t want to push myself at that pace any longer. I didn’t remember the donating blood at 4 pm the day before detail, but this is what that feels like. Lower energy levels all the next day.

I ran solo to the inlet, then came back at a more relaxed pace with Mary Monks. Steve was in a rush to get home and see the British Oen on TV, so we didn’t stop long at the remaining water stops. I was happy to be finished, this was perhaps my 4th 16 mile Saturday in a row. I like having those miles on my weekend. This weekend I am the substitute coach for the relatively new Sunday Jupiter HS Track workout – so I won’t do much tomorrow for running…




More than I’d give myself

16mi. A new Garmin 220, a chance to do a long run with Yves, and a windy Friday afternoon. That’s the abbreviated version of today’s adventure.

We met at Loggerhead Park at 1:30, Yves first run on Juno and Jupiter Beach. He had completed 10 miles earlier today, his coach gave him a 2 hr workout at 7:12 pace. This morning he said he was tired from flying over from Brussels Wednesday night and that he’d be running slower. Good news for me, I would not be able to cook a 16 miler much faster if he wasn’t tired, jet lagged, etc.

We did 6 miles running south to PGA and back. Then up the Beach Road for most of the miles, to Guanabanas, down and shift over to the Inlet Park, and home. It was 1:56 of running, challenging due to speed and headwinds, but I am very happy I finished it strong. I brought some of the ProBar chews, they worked well. We stopped 7x for water along to way. My average pace as reported by the new Garmin was 7:16 per mile – very much the same as a 16 miler I had completed last year prior to Palm Beach Marathon (I think).  My legs feel worked and I’m ok with that. I don’t have to wake up early to run tomorrow, and I have an extra night to rest for Sunday’s Dolphin Cycling Challenge Ride with Jessica.

Coming back to back

10mi. I’m happy to arrive early and make the announcements in Linda’s absence. I promote the Tuesday night fundraiser thingy, and run with Dave the whoe way. First time in my Go Run Ride4 shoes, very good! I ran yesterday’s 21 miler in the Ultras, somehow maybe when wet they bother the top of my right foot and outer edge of my left foot. These new ones are very comfortable. Dave and I ran well, stopping for his bathroom break at the pier on the way out and for both of us at the pier on the way back. I run at a much better pace than yesterday, it’s a full 10 degrees cooler than yesterday’s run. I really feel better on my left foot, and the cool temps add speed to our pace.

Start wet

IMG_4551.JPG5mi. There is one thing that always bothers a runner, myself certainly included. It’s starting out in the rain. Leaving the car, house, whatever all dry and immediately putting yourself on wet roads with rain coming down. I don’t mind getting caught in the rain, that cools you off and could happen in any race. (Listen to the guy who hasn’t raced since Boston Marathon…) Starting in the rain is a bummer! Jessica floated the idea of visiting her gym and doing the stair machine. That would have been good. We checked the weather and radar apps on our phones, looking for that “gap” in the clouds where we thought we could do a few miles early afternoon. We saw plenty of rain down south, it was a relief we hadn’t done the soggy MiamiMan triathlon today!

It wasn’t me that finally pinned down the committment to run and strt in the rain. We obviously weren’t going to be riding so the run or the gym were the options. Jessica was ok with it, we discussed that we’d never be more than 1/2 mile from home if it did downpour – so away we went. Drizzle and patches of no rain met us on the first two miles. WE stoppped in and saw the floor plan of a new home getting built earby, that was neat. We caught a few heavier spots of rain for miles 3 & 4, now that settled things – we were wet and staying that way. Jessica put down another 5 miles today, this time in less than good conditions. Someone likes the feeling of improving. I can say I would have easily found a way to do something else or nothing athletic – she was the driver of this day’s workout. I’m glad I did it, we both felt good about a run each day and as always, peeling out of the wet clothes was very much appreciated!

More of what yesterday brought.

6 mi. Today instead of riding, John and I went to Loggerhead park to run with Erica and Walter. We set it up last night while at dinner, we’d agreed to meet and start at 7am. John surprised me, I thought he would bail out and sleep. The cyclists, not many of them, were meeting and prepping to go at the same time. I spoke to Belle and Carl from the Fun Runners, their group was riding 30 miles. Rick and Chris Drew helped Suzanne fix a rear flat tire, then we left north to ru to Carlin Park and back. It was breezy, but a starting temp of 81 deg made us sweat at mile #1. Walter ran with us that first 8 min mile, his successful attempt of using the knee brace for a quicker run than he had previosly attempted. We spoke  and joked about the Pies Race, Michael Wardian’s attempt at winning both San Antonio and Las Vegas RnR marathons today and others we saw on our route. Erica kept John and I on a 7:50 average pace the whole way. We stopped only at the water fountain on A1-A near Carlin Park. It was windier on the way back, but cooler on the front of my body. John’s high knee track running style is in contrast to my low impact endurance efficiency style, I listened for his footsteps and noticed our differences. He did well, this is good practice for his upcoming track season. We finished at exactly 7:50 average pace, the same thing I had done for yesterday’s longer run.

Taking the day as an opportunity.

20 miles. I don’t get many Mondays off she the rest of the working world is at it. I decided that since my weekend was spent in transit to and from Tampa, today would be my long run. The 3 weeks from your marathon long run everyone is supposed to do. I drove to Loggerhead Park for a 7:30am start. I figured run south, turn and head north, maybe do extra miles up near the lighthouse or Jupiter Island, who knows. It should, be two and a half hours of just running and enjoying somewhat cooler weather. I began the southerly run, looking to keep below the 8 minute per mile pace. I knew where t he water stops would be, I thought a turn at PGA Blvd would be a good plan. The longer I ran south, the more desirable it became to keep going south and run through the miles. At first I thought I’d turn around at the St. Paul’s church, but I kept going. Mac Arthur park? Nope, kept going south. I drank at the Singer Island sidewalk fountain, kept going south. Now I knew I’d be going to Phil Foster Park for a water and restroom break. Once there, I had about 8 miles. I ran around Palm Beach Shores and past the Ocean mall then north. I saw my halfway 10 mile mark and knew that if I went the same way back, I’d be running past loggerhead park and to the pier or something before turning to finish where I parked. At 12 miles, it was noticeably warmer, maybe 9:15 or so. Coming back up lonely Singer Island past the state park, even warmer. The breeze of cool air I started with in Juno Beach was gone. Now I was feeling the effects of not too many recent long runs, no buildup to this, etc. my knee hurt on the right side, I stopped for less than 60 seconds, let it rest and continued with no additional pain from that for the rest of my run. I had two gels with me, one eaten at 8 miles, another at near 16 miles, the water stop at KrankIt. That’s a reliably COLD fountain at any time of day! Once back in Juno Beach, I went around the Duck pond and north again. I hit the Donald Ross water stop! stretched a bit, and kept going north. My pace had slowed but I was still below 8 min miles most of the times I saw my Garmin. Running all that way, I was surprised I didn’t see people I knew riding or running. I went just past Marcinski Rd then turned to get the final mile, which was hot and had me feeling creaky in the hips. I finished and met with Brandon and Diane LeBar. They were at the beach with the two kids and Brandon’s parent who were visiting to see the new baby Aubrey. I showered and spread my towel out in the shade under a palm tree near the shower. I laid in the cooler shade for about 20 minutes, made an appointment for a deep tissue massage and stretched my tired legs.

I drove to Publix after the run, got a quart of low fat chocolate milk, drank that and went early to the massage. Hillary was great, she really dug into the sore spots and she recommended I take an Epsom salt bath after the massage. I had the time, did it, I believe it helped. I won’t be pushing a competitive time in New York, but I will be ready to run a good pace through the city and finish smiling!

Not so fast.

10.5 mi.  I figured I could still go with the “I did an Ironman 2 weeks ago” thing and have an easy Saturday social run. I arrived before 6am, listened to Linda greet the group, and ran with Dave Capparelli. I told him about the Switzerland trip, he told me about his new condo purchase on Jupiter Island. I ran kinda slow, never really feeling like I was ready for distance. It was hot and still, the beginning of the run is now in the dark for the first 20 minutes. I guess the days getting shorter have all to do with that. I made a few pit stops as did Dave, bathroom, water, stretching. It was a day to say I covered the miles, but they were done so slowly, it barely counts. I have to ramp up distance running forthe next race in late September and marathon season. So this is my first and last lazy Saturday run for awhile!


17 miles. At John’s request, we ran 17 miles on a day when most of my friends rode 50 miles. John was inspired by Joe Ponton’s “40 miles on his 40th birthday” story. I’d imagine most of my friends would think that this was my idea – geting John to try endurance running. Nope! All his.

We started in the dark at Loggerhead park, maybe a few minutes before 6am.  We each staged 2 gels at the car and ran south to PGA, mostly in the dark until we hit the duck pond on the way up. The time and seasons are changing again – that’s the proof! We had a gel and a drink at Loggerhead Park, then ran north. The seas were flat, the sun was hidden behind a big set of clouds, which made it cooler for us. No sunrise blast view, but we needed the cool temps a bit more than the light show. We stopped for water a few times, talking all the way about how it feels to run long at a slower pace. We saw a few cyclist groups, but not many of our friends. I think they took liberty to start later today. We ran apst Carlin Park, past Circle K, and into Jupiter Inlet park. We went over the little footbridge into DuBois Park, and ran out towards Circle K again. Once we turned north, John asked where a bathroom was, so to add the necessary miles we ran back to DuBois Park and used that men’s room and fountain. We took our other gel and ran south. John was feeling the distance now, he reported his vision was blurring except for what was right in fron of him, and he was developing a side stitch, on the wrong side. We stopped running a few times and walked, stopping next at Carlin Park for John to put the shower on his head and cool off. We did this a few times on the beach road, making sure to have oursleves tight against the sea grape trees for any shade we could get. Our miles 14-15 went slow, we had a few walk breaks and water stops, but we kept moving forward. Once we got closer to Marcinski Rd, the pier and Loggerhead park, we ran better knowing the end was close. Our final steps had us pass the Loggerhead main parking lot and go in through the old marineleife center, around the tennis courts by the entrance to the park and down the slight hill to the car. John was tired but satisfied, his first long run over his previous 8 jiles was done. We went in the clear and cool ocean to recover, then got some drinks at Dunkin Donuts after the run. Good work from the high school cros country kid!

Dilution makes for special moments

16 mi.  Most of the locals were racing the 37th Shamrock 10 miler or 5k. This left a diluted group to run the usual store route on a Saturday morning. I came ready for a perky, fast-paced distance run at 5am, running mile #1 in 7:40. Then I picked up the pace to below 7 min mile to the PGA corner and back to Juno’s Town center. I stopped in the trees to pee, ran slowly to the store talking with Linda, and hit the rest room there, too. Once at the store, my pin on the velcro Garmin strap popped out, similar to what happened at Pine Mountain’s 50 miler. Barry Green helped me look for it, but no luck, it was too dark to see that little thing on the black ground. I started running with the group, telling Barry and Lilia that I had to tick off the next 10 miles at 7:15 pace. I left the group at the A1A turn and started north alone, very much in control of the pace and my breath. Dave found me as predicted, right at Marcinski Rd. He wanted to keep the pace and knew a smaller distance would allow him to do that. It was dark all the way up to Indiantown Road. Right before getting to Indiantown, three guys caught us. They said the blinking red light drew them to chase us, I knew only Mike from track workout. Dave slowed and went back and forth on A1A as I went with the new guys to the Inlet turnaround. Our pace went from 6:45 to 6:30 to 6:20. I saw this and was glad for the turnaround water and rest room, knowing I wasn’t prepared, even in nice 55 degree weather, to run near my 5k pace all the way back. I stopped to drink and pee, some of them joined me. They talked by the fountain, I asked Mike if they were running back, he said they were. I told him I’d start now, giving them the same flashing red light to chase. I thought they’d never catch me, I was determined to lead all the way back to the store. I found Dave by the A1A Circle K water stop and we started again at a 7 min pace south. We got a sip more of water at the Turquoise roof buildings. We kept the good pace south until Dave left me at Marcinski Road. I now had less than a mile to go at pace to get to the store first. It was great weather, a good breeze, and meeting Michelle Bernstein at the Donald Ross corner was my stopping and cool down trot home signal. She helped me look in the parking lot and FIND my silver metal Garmin band post – Yeah! I took some Endurox drink and spoke with Lilia for a few minutes, then left for home and q quick turnaround to Ft Lauderdale for Premier School Training. A good training run that put stress on the legs. I will stress the legs in other ways while skiing next week, this was the last Boston-specific run I will get before next month’s race.

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