Start wet

IMG_4551.JPG5mi. There is one thing that always bothers a runner, myself certainly included. It’s starting out in the rain. Leaving the car, house, whatever all dry and immediately putting yourself on wet roads with rain coming down. I don’t mind getting caught in the rain, that cools you off and could happen in any race. (Listen to the guy who hasn’t raced since Boston Marathon…) Starting in the rain is a bummer! Jessica floated the idea of visiting her gym and doing the stair machine. That would have been good. We checked the weather and radar apps on our phones, looking for that “gap” in the clouds where we thought we could do a few miles early afternoon. We saw plenty of rain down south, it was a relief we hadn’t done the soggy MiamiMan triathlon today!

It wasn’t me that finally pinned down the committment to run and strt in the rain. We obviously weren’t going to be riding so the run or the gym were the options. Jessica was ok with it, we discussed that we’d never be more than 1/2 mile from home if it did downpour – so away we went. Drizzle and patches of no rain met us on the first two miles. WE stoppped in and saw the floor plan of a new home getting built earby, that was neat. We caught a few heavier spots of rain for miles 3 & 4, now that settled things – we were wet and staying that way. Jessica put down another 5 miles today, this time in less than good conditions. Someone likes the feeling of improving. I can say I would have easily found a way to do something else or nothing athletic – she was the driver of this day’s workout. I’m glad I did it, we both felt good about a run each day and as always, peeling out of the wet clothes was very much appreciated!

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