Two for the 9th

13mi / 5mi. First up – the Saturday run with the group. Dave met me, Walter was in Taiwan and Manila. I got to the store early and quickly realizeed I had no food/gel/snack. I will try to formulate a healthier alternative than the heavily processed gels I have always used. They cannot be good for me, they are 100% from a lab!

Dave and I ran up to Carlin Park, where I had to stop for the bathroom again. This is 3 Saturday runs in a row! I have to re-assess what I am doing before the runs, I cannot be “holding on” hoping a bathroom is nearby when it counts in a race. We chatted and kept an around 9 min mile pace, both of us admitting we need to up the mileage next weekend for the marathon December 7th. The time change gave us an almost entire run in the sun, so I have to remember to wear glasses, a visor or both from now on. There was a craft fair at Loggerhead, small this year but something different. It allowed us to run down the center of the street from the pier to Donald Ross Road.

The 5 miler I did later in the afternoon with Jessica. I’m glad and impressed she likes to stretch it out and do a bit more each weekend. This slow growth is definitely the right way to build miles, for your muscles and your confidence! We had cooler than usual weather, no clouds – it was unlike some of the middle of summer humid runs we have done. I was most impressed that we did 5 miles and felt good afterwards. Two-a-days make sense and adding miles this way is fun for me.

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