A challenging long one

18.6 mi. My program takes a low week of total mileage, then a 3-week ramp up to 20+ miles. That’s next week. Today I did a bit more than 18 miles, with the first 6 happening at 5 am to PGA Blvd and back. Thankfully, Maribel Bleeker came early to run those miles with me. It was dead calm still and about as cool as it was going to get, maybe 78 degrees. We ran back to Dunkin Donuts to start the group.

To continue at my “conversation pace” of near 8 minute miles, I ran with Kaitlyn Kelly. She ran distance events as an FSU athlete, has completed one marathon, and recently signed up for another full marathon in September. So guess what? Now she cares about her pace, workouts, etc. She ran from home to DD, our 10+ miles and then back home for a total of 18. She looks to finish in the 3:20s which is perfect for me. I will have a speedy gal to run with for the next 40 days until my race.

We did the 5.5 miles to the Inlet at the 8 min pace. We made the turn and like last week, dialed the pace down to 7:15 per mile. It was more difficult than last Saturday. I ate a similar meal, the weather looked to be the same, some runs are better than others. We ran 7:16, 7:09, 7:17, 7:14 on the four full miles that ended right before Donald Ross Rd. That is my goal marathon pace. No shame in admitting how difficult that would be to keep for a full 26 miles in this heat. I would have to hope the cooler weather and downhills would help my effort.

Kaitlyn ran over the Donald Ross Bridge with me and then south to her house. I went back over to DD and my car. Then I drove to Donald Ross and A1-A to shower the sweat and smell off. My feet were tired, and I was glad to be done.

I used the Jordan Hasay Sword drink from mile 6-16. I don’t like carrying the full fluid bottle, how does a non-elite get elite-level nutrition on the course? Guess it’s gells and water like usual for Green River race. I have two longer runs ahead. Maybe this next one will be all at 8 min miles, I can decide before next Saturday.


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