Going longer in the oven

20 mi. This was the first twenty mile run of the marathon plan. Due to the Turtleman Triathlon happening on Saturday, I ran Friday morning. This made Saturday my "off" day. I started alone at 5am and ran to St Paul of the Cross Church on Singer Island. That was good - preloading my effort … Continue reading Going longer in the oven

And gravel and hills

8.2 mi. Today was supposed to be a rest day. Business travel has me in Southern Virginia and here is an opportunity to run in the daylight, on a trail with rolling hills. A way better option than rural roads in the dark with no sidewalks... Tomorrow will now be my "off" day! How is … Continue reading And gravel and hills

Toronto Waterfront

6 miles. I've done this route before, but not in a few years. Lakeshore Drive in Toronto has biking and runner lanes. There are many dog walkers out after dinner time. For me, it was a chance to run before dinner. It was about 70 degrees with not much of a breeze. This was a … Continue reading Toronto Waterfront