Kitchener Downtown

3.5 miles John visited the LA Fitness again, I went for a recon run to see Kitchener’s Downtown area.

In the first neighborhood leading to King St, I saw a man cutting his grass with a manual blade mower. Once at King St, I ran through a newly-revitalized area, retail shops, a new trolley route, and some homeless folks. It’s interesting to see the ads, the storefronts and pantograph wires for the trolleys. How many towns are installing new trolleys these days?

The run was short, I went through a residential area on the other side of the RR tracks. I saw this home, decorated in a Molson Canadian flag and what looks to be a Winnipeg Jets flag. I guess we have similar here in Florida with Gators, Seminoles and Hurricanes fans.

My pace was 7:52 for the 3.5 miles. I ended at LA Fitness again, cold drinks are guaranteed in a health club! I found the Falls Road Pub nearby, a place John and I would visit before the afternoon show at Bingeman’s.



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