Toronto Waterfront

6 miles. I’ve done this route before, but not in a few years.

Lakeshore Drive in Toronto has biking and runner lanes. There are many dog walkers out after dinner time. For me, it was a chance to run before dinner. It was about 70 degrees with not much of a breeze. This was a change from the afternoon when winds off Lake Ontario came at our face while wandering on Yonge Street.

I ran on the purposely bent boardwalk, saw a few tall ships, and some crew teams trying out their boats. The speed limit for bikes was 20 kph, but I saw riders going faster than that. The good part about running this route was if ever I saw a few dogs or group of walkers ahead, I could run on the lawn, on park benches, or along the cement seawall to get around them.

There’s a small airport on an island right off the lake. I saw planes land and take off on the run. They were all smaller commuter prop-driven ones.

The Stonehenge-looking monument was in a park on the water. On my way back from the turnaround at Ontario Place Convention Center, I saw it and stopped for the photo. Odd that something that prominent wasn’t seen on my way out!

I ran past empty Budweiser arena, which is like our outdoor amphitheater back home. I think they are setting up to host a Formula One style race, I saw barricades and fencing on the side of Lakeshore Drive. That is probably a big event!

My run averaged 7:45 for the 6 miles. I stopped in the Amsterdam Brewery on the way back to see if that would be a good dinner option. Trendy, yes, but I would rather have some unique food vs regular food with a view.

My run started and ended near our Airbnb place, a nice but small one bedroom studio near Rogers Arena and the CN Tower.

We learned Depeche Mode was playing that night in the Air Canada Centre. After a peek at the setlist from the previous week’s performances, I saw I only knew 4 of the songs they’d play. So we opted out of that but did see vendors selling the shirts outside the arena before the show opened its gates.


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