Zip by the Festival Venue

6 miles. When I travel, I try to select interesting places to run. Today was a chance to see the venue area before it opened. Was the parking going to change? Was the brewery across the street from the park a place to visit before w go in?

I dropped John at LA Fitness and ran into the side streets towards the festival grounds. Bingemans Waterpark hosts EverAfter each year. It has a campground, a waterpark, some smaller amusement park rides and a midway.

On the way I encountered this pedestrian hole cut in the railroad bridge. This is why I run when away, and I carry my phone for pics. A unique sight!

I ran to the far end of the park, saw that our VIP parking would be the same as yesterday – and not crowded. I checked into the brewery across the street, it wasn’t a place to stay and have beer, only a retail store. Plenty of attendees were arriving all dressed in who-knows-what gear. It was good to see a back way into the area vs the long wait on the main road to make that one left hand turn into the Bingeman’s park road.

My run went well. In cooler weather my pace was 7:43 for the 6 miles. Getting back to LA Fitness allowed me to have cold water and a clean restroom. Easy!


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