When you run near a Hurricane

Today I had the most demanding of my Hanson’s 1/2 Marathon plan weekly runs – a 6 mile tempo. It’s supposed to be done at race pace, so for the weeks leading up to this, I have stayed between 6:30 – 6:40 minutes per mile.

Not today!

The winds and rain was coming out of the storm and on shore from the north. My chosen route had me run north first, then back south. Going North to start, my watch was already signaling me I was over the 6:40 pace. And it never came down. I had two spurts of wind and rain heading north, and one band of the same blew in while I was running south. When you head into that wind driven rain, the drops sting your lips and face. I had clear glasses on figuring I’d get wind heading up. Good choice!

I stopped 3 times, once when a wind squall came running north and no one could see anything in their cars or while walking. Again at the turnaround for a drink,, then once more to see the waves near the pier.

My average pace was 6:55 for the 6 mile run. Not ideal, but at some point before my race I’ll have a really good one in nice cool weather to offset this tough run.

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