More of what yesterday brought.

6 mi. Today instead of riding, John and I went to Loggerhead park to run with Erica and Walter. We set it up last night while at dinner, we’d agreed to meet and start at 7am. John surprised me, I thought he would bail out and sleep. The cyclists, not many of them, were meeting and prepping to go at the same time. I spoke to Belle and Carl from the Fun Runners, their group was riding 30 miles. Rick and Chris Drew helped Suzanne fix a rear flat tire, then we left north to ru to Carlin Park and back. It was breezy, but a starting temp of 81 deg made us sweat at mile #1. Walter ran with us that first 8 min mile, his successful attempt of using the knee brace for a quicker run than he had previosly attempted. We spoke  and joked about the Pies Race, Michael Wardian’s attempt at winning both San Antonio and Las Vegas RnR marathons today and others we saw on our route. Erica kept John and I on a 7:50 average pace the whole way. We stopped only at the water fountain on A1-A near Carlin Park. It was windier on the way back, but cooler on the front of my body. John’s high knee track running style is in contrast to my low impact endurance efficiency style, I listened for his footsteps and noticed our differences. He did well, this is good practice for his upcoming track season. We finished at exactly 7:50 average pace, the same thing I had done for yesterday’s longer run.

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