Saved the best for…NOW!

8 mi. I knew tomorrow I could wake up at 4:15 and do this run, but really, I don't have to be up early, I could run with Bob Anderson's group and have it all done. Better plan! I drove there and arrived at 5:30pm for the 5:45 group. Next in the lot was Bob … Continue reading Saved the best for…NOW!

The Christmas Run

10mi. Palm Beach on Christmas Day - a great idea for a run. John and I easily made the drive to the center of WPB on completely empty roads. I guess this was a first. not having to open the gifts before anything else. John and I both thought this would be a good idea … Continue reading The Christmas Run

Palm Beach Marathon and Run Fest 2013

My first adventure for Palm Beach Marathon 2013 was to work at the Pacer Booth.  Whoever had been there before us must have put our box full of goodies behind the counter and under a drape sheet because we didn’t know was there. We scrambled to find some pens and printer paper to allow folks … Continue reading Palm Beach Marathon and Run Fest 2013