Saved the best for…NOW!

8 mi. I knew tomorrow I could wake up at 4:15 and do this run, but really, I don’t have to be up early, I could run with Bob Anderson’s group and have it all done. Better plan!

I drove there and arrived at 5:30pm for the 5:45 group. Next in the lot was Bob with Gatorade and water. Suzanne and Ian came, Diane Lavado, Krissi Neville and a few others – More people tha I expected came during their holiday break. I ran two warmup parking lot laps and hit the hill. The weather was cooler than I’m used to, low 70s and a nice breeze from the east that made easch way over the bridge a good run. I was doing a good pace on all of my laps, running very deliberately at pace even on the downhill portions. I thought about good race finishes and did some Boston visualization drills, picturing me finishing well in nice weather conditions this coming Spring. I realized it while I was running, this was a very good workout. The last four days on the cruise I did 4 miles per day on the Deck 7 loop or treadmill. Maybe my body was ready to really run!

I hung around after the workout to chat, people stayed long after and relayed stories of holiday travels and such. Suzanne said I/we should visit for New Year’s Eve tomorrow night, a good idea. I left the parking lot very satisfied with the effort and the level of run power I’m starting the year with. This was my best bridge workout in a long while!


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